DIY Gifts for the Pet Lover on your List

It is the season that has people thinking about gifts, so what do you do for the animal lover and their pets on your list? Here are a few DIY ideas to help you out.


Collar – Every pet needs a collar. The more stylish or personal, the better they are!


Leash – Time for a walk? This dyed rope leash is a very nice addition to any dog’s next adventure.


Leash Hanger – Give them a cute spot to hang their leashes by the door so it’s at the ready when it’s time for Fido’s walk.


Homemade Treats – Who doesn’t look forward to each year’s parade of holiday cookies? Why should the pets miss out. There are tons of recipes for homemade treats. A little seasonal cookie cutter could really make them special, too.


Treat Jars – A wonderful place to put the home made treats, customized treat jars with the dog’s name or a sweet paw print will be useful and thoughtful.


Personalized Food Bowl – custom pet bowls are chic and iconic and an easy way to really make every pet’s dining experience extra special. Pick colors that match the pet parents’ home decor to give the gift that extra touch.


Pet Bed – Beds are a staple for any pet to have. This no sew option is a project that anyone can do that will provide an adorable and very useful gift for the pet parents on your list.


Pet Pillows – Pillows of the pet to decorate with. Because the only thing better than snuggling with our pets is snuggling with them and pillows with pictures of our pets on them.


Agility Course – If you are feeling particularly handy agility courses provide great exercise and mental stimulation for dogs.


Mug Cozy – Dogs + Coffee cups = adorable mug cozies to snuggle while indulging in a favorite warm beverage. Cocoa anyone?


Cat Scratcher Pad – So you ordered all of your gifts online and have a mountain of empty cardboard boxes. A project the kitty on your list would surely love is a cardboard scratcher pad. Dust the thing in catnip and you’ll win the holidays.


Kitty Hideouts – Upcycle some more of those cardboard boxes by assembling a kitty hangout. Cats seriously love boxes! You can spray paint it any color to doll it up and make it match the decor. When it comes to DIY cat trees, there are a lot of possibilities.


Car Hammock – For dogs that go in the car, their pet parents’ seats can really get dingy. A car hammock to make the ride comfy and to protect the interior would make a great gift.


Homemade Toys – Dogs and cats need to play and having a variety of toys helps with that. That means that pets can never have enough!