Rainy Day Gear for You and Your Pet

April showers bring May flowers. As Texans, we’re no strangers to unpredictable weather, but no matter the weather, the dog has to be walked. Instead of seeing the rain as a hassle, why not make it an enjoyable outing? We’ve compiled a list of necessary rain gear to keep you and your pet weather-ready.


A raincoat might be the most important item in order to keep your pooch dry. Check out these doggy raincoats. Not only do they come in an array of sizes and colors, but the hoods are clear! This makes it easier and more comfortable for your pup by keeping their sight from being obstructed. If your pup isn’t a fan, just remove the hood all together.

All-Weather Boots

Boots help to keep your dog’s paws safe and dry. These boots have rubber soles, making them suitable for any kind of terrain. They also have reflective material, perfect for keeping your pet safe and visible during evening strolls. Keep in mind that your dog will need to get used to wearing shoes. Start with short intervals, gradually increasing the amount of time worn to ensure their comfort. Always supervise pets while wearing boots.

Hands-free Umbrella

While you may be making a fashion statement, you’ll certainly be dry in this hands-free umbrella. No one wants to juggle an umbrella along with a leash, a phone, your coffee, dogs toys, etc. This product will keep your hands free and your person sheltered during those rainy (or sunny) outings.

Portable Paw Cleaner

For the dog that won’t wear boots, this portable paw cleaner is an excellent alternative.  Simply add water and give it a few twists around each paw to remove sand, grass clippings, mud, snow, salt, or any other debris. It’s portable and pocket-sized, making it a must-have for you and your pup when you’re on-the-go.

Dry Shampoo

This gentle formula dry shampoo kills odors and absorbs excess oils helping extend the length of time between traditional baths. Dry shampoo is great for dogs of any age or activity level, particularly senior dogs or dogs with chronic illnesses that make bathing themselves difficult. Keep your pup smelling fresh and clean with this Posh Paw approved shampoo!

Remember that any pet will need to become acclimated to rainy day play. Keep all walks or playtimes safe and short until your furbaby is comfortable. Stay weather aware. Keep the experience fun – if you enjoy it, your pup is more likely to enjoy it!